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Newfield Network Alumni

The Newfield Network is a vibrant, global community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human knowing and learning. As a graduate, here are some of the many ways available to you to foster new conversations, stay connected and continue your learning.

Alumni Committee: This group is dedicated to keeping the dialogue between our alumni and the Newfield team going. They provide a listening to what our alumni community is longing for, dreaming of, and envisioning. The committee is also enthusiastic about co-creating events with you.

Alumni Learning in Action

Are You Yearning for Connection?

Beautiful light rays shining through fog and trees in a forest during a morning sunrise at a parkOnce we have gone through the Newfield Program, we are profoundly aware of the importance of community, connection, and learning in our lives. With this deep experience, many of us crave to actively and continuously be part of a community. We know the power of co-inspiring each other to evolve through presence and rich conversation. These Learning in Action (LIA) conversations are one way to nourish our collective unfolding.

These monthly alumni dialogues are the perfect place where we can show up fully and engage in a sacred environment where we reflect collectively and co-generate a beautiful shared future. In these conversations, we draw upon our collective community wisdom and pave the road for co-designing a thriving alumni community.

Join us on the first Thursday of every month at 12PM EDT/10AM MDT

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Heart Soul & Praxis of Business Development Program

Heart, Soul, & Praxis Of Business Development: You have decided to change the world through coaching. But how do you build a thriving coaching practice? The skills to be a powerfully transformative coach and the skills to build a successful coaching practice are two different skills. Business development is the link between having the potential to change people’s lives, and the action of bringing that change to as many people as possible, now. To learn more about this powerful, 3-month virtual program, go to:

Business Development

Graduate Re-Immersion

Longing to be back with your Newfield friends, immersed once again in the deep learning and sharing that you experienced in your program? Now you can! Alumni are invited to attend The Foundation Course or The Art and Practice of Ontological Coaching conference. We believe the ontological learning distinctions always meet you where you’re at, bringing fresh new facets and nuances to your learning and life. Please visit for upcoming conferences.

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Community Conversations

Share questions, ideas and thoughts with other Newfield graduates via the Newfield Alumni Forum, or on Facebook (“Newfield Network”), Twitter (“NewfieldNetwork”), and LinkedIn (“Newfield Graduates”).

Meet the Alumni Committee

profilepicjenniferJennifer Einolf: 
On a long and circuitous path to coaching, Jennifer has found herself in a lot of places of possibility.  She earned a degree in English at William and Mary and a degree in Interior Design at Virginia Commonwealth University. This means she can make art, and then describe it.  She has worked designing hospitals, facilitating the daily operations of a synagogue, teaching art to the self-confessed uncreative, and training churches on the use of social media.  She has nurtured a delight-filled marriage, parented a quirky son through 15 eventful years (so far) and maintained an active social life with a network of oddballs, instigators, and divergent thinkers. In all those journeys and in all those places, she has come to understand that her role has often been that of a coach—the person who is present, who asks the curiosity-fueled, disruptive question that gives birth to hope and agitation and action and change. So, she pointed herself toward a new possibility and attended Newfield Network for training in ontological coaching. Now, in her business, Bold Whisper LLC, she is blissfully facilitating her clients path to real, meaningful, personal success.  “What," she wonders, "is possible if we are all living our boldest life?”

asm-headshot-croped-v2Adam Mutschler: 
Adam is a graduate of the 2016 Newfield Program. Previously he worked at Apple and a Startup in Chicago honing his training and mentoring skills. Since beginning his journey with Newfield, Adam joined The Kedar Group, a leadership transformation organization, where he is building his coaching and facilitation practice primarily with aspiring leaders in both the private and public sectors. In addition, he works with Integral Leadership & Coaching utilizing his business background to work with client and business development. Both organizations are founded and lead by Newfield Alumni. He’s very excited to be immersed in the coaching world and to serve Newfield’s growing network of graduates.

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