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Calling all coaches! Join Angela Cusack and Carol Harris-Fike, two of Newfield Network’s long-time program mentor coaches, for this four-session virtual learning series that’s designed to support you in deepening your sense of being and how you show up for your clients. Participating in group coaching supervision offers you and your fellow participants the opportunity to create a unique place of exploration and expand your level of curiosity.

From this exploration comes possibility, an opportunity to see what hasn’t been previously seen and a special container for learning that offers a safe but powerful way to learn, grow, and develop.

Join us for four live, interactive sessions and one bonus debriefing session from April 20th to July 27th. This 4-month program is for any coach at any level who is ready to go deeper into their own coaching by reflecting on who they are being as they coach. Each session will be led by Angela or Carol and is designed with a fluid structure.

Seats are limited to 8 participants!

Note: There must be at least 4 participants enrolled for the course to start.

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