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Newfield Ignite Podcast

Newfield Ignite Podcast

Dialogues at the Living Edge


Igniting your soul, care, passion and desire to contribute to this beautiful world.

Welcome to the Newfield Ignite podcast! Every month, our podcast will bring you leaders and luminaries dialoging at the living edge of discovery. Your soul will be stirred, your passion engaged, and your heart opened to new possibilities enabling us to co-design a beautiful world.

We live in a time that is wrought with poverty, culture wars, and planetary degradation. Many of us stand here with a deeply felt care and desire to make real and meaningful change. At the same time, we may also feel pangs of hopelessness because many of our collective problems span so far and wide. The greater the complexity of the problems we face, the wider our hearts & minds need to become.

This is the purpose of the Newfield Ignite Podcast: to bring you dialogues at the edge of what is possible. You will engage with a like-minded podcast community and be stirred by ideas and discoveries from some of the worlds' leading-edge coaches, teachers, and luminaries. We will discuss idea such as spirit, success, coaching certification, and much more.

This podcast will transform the way you see the world and invite you to stay alive within ever unfolding new conversations. Only together can we discover the complexity and compassion necessary to address our global concerns.

Newfield Ignite Podcast

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