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Conversations with Julio Olalla: Trust

Conversations with Julio Olalla: Trust


Part of the conversations with Julio Olalla series, excerpts taking place during exclusive teleclass held for Newfield graduates in 2013.



Presented by Julio Olalla, founder Newfield Network (2006).

According to most dictionaries, trust is defined as “a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something.” While this is a widely accepted definition of trust, it is also a limiting definition.

We define trust as a “predisposition to coordinate actions with others - based on having positive assessments of the others’sinceritycompetence and reliability.” We believe that trust is not just a firm belief. We believe it is also a call to act with others. Let us explain, briefly, what we mean by this and how an organization can work with this more powerful interpretation to build trust in an organization.


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