Learn Advanced Coaching Practices to Face Shadows & Uncertainty with Clients

Partner with your peers & embody advanced coaching skills to better serve yourself & your clients!

Join renowned coaches, Veronica & Alexander Love, in this five-part virtual learning series as they take you step-by-step to refine and deepen your coaching skills and strengthen your capacity to face shadows and uncertainty with your clients. Through presentations, demos, coaching practices, and breakout sessions, this course will provide you with the tools required to upgrade your coaching skills to be comfortable with chaos.

The fragile but pervasive notion that the individual exists in isolation is being shattered by the unprecedented events unfolding around the world. The disruption of routines and the necessity for physical isolation is exposing the tracery of networks that connects us and challenging the notion that the individual ever exists in isolation.

In this new virtual learning series, we will explore an archetypal context that goes beyond culture and bounded time. Here, we will delve into collective constellations that are universal. We will play with universal patterns that are the collective unconscious building blocks of our stories. Archetypes, according to Jung, are the “systems readiness for action.” They are “the potentials” and “our inherited possibility of ideas.”

Our portal of discovery into the archetypal world will be through the archetype of the Witch. This misunderstood archetype will assist us in facing the unknown, seeing the darkness, exploring facets of power, and engaging in the alchemy of transformation.


Join us for this 5-part virtual course, starting May 18th!

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