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Awakening Through Chaos with Veronica Olalla Love & Alexander Love

In these times of uncertainty and isolation, community and solidarity are more important than ever. As news of the COVID-19 pandemic dominates the headlines and our social media feeds, we believe a new reality has emerged. One that will require our openness, flexibility, and wisdom to discover new ways of navigating.

This is a special invitation for our alumni ONLY to join us on a FREE webinar on April 7th at 3:30 pm ET.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Learn to anchor ourselves in the midst of chaos
  • Explore deep questioning
  • Practice presence and sacred listening
Join Veronica Olalla Love and Alexander Love, in this special offer as we come together in community, care, and wisdom. Who we are is enriched as we practice being present with each other in the fullness that life is requiring.

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Coaching & The Art of Emotional Fluency with Julio Olalla

Newfield invites you to participate in “Coaching & The Art of Emotional Fluency” with Newfield Founder and President, Julio Olalla on March 18th and April 8th.

In this two-part webinar, we’ll explore how a coach’s emotional fluency allows for transformational coaching and learning.

Emotions predispose us to act in particular ways – ourselves and our clients. If we aren’t fluent and well aware of the emotional field of a coaching conversation, we miss out on huge opportunities.

How can we, as coaches utilize, our emotional understanding to better serve our clients?

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