Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of students take Newfield Network courses and why?

Our students come from around the globe and come from a multiplicity of professional backgrounds. They join our Newfield courses to experience more than what traditional programs provide. They recognize the need and are ready for a new kind of learning. A learning that addresses their wholeness and how that impacts the way they live and lead.

Students take our training because they are interested in:

  1.   Enhancing leadership
  2.   Improving organizational culture and practices
  3.   Becoming a certified coach
  4.   Diving into personal development
  5.   Obtaining coach continuing education

Newfield Network fosters a global learning community based on respect, care, and dignity to catapult individuals and organizations into a new way of being and leading in the world. Newfield’s innovative and integrated learning practices are a key reason why aspiring coaches, people-centric organizations, progressive executives, and individual change-agents seek out Newfield courses.

Is The Foundation course the entry point for all Newfield learning?

Yes, the six-day virtual Foundation Course is the entry point for all Newfield training. It provides an immersion into Newfield’s core models and distinctions.

What does Newfield offer for organizational and/or executive development?

Newfield’s coaching program helps executives and managers innovate, adapt, and powerfully lead with repeatable success through transformational learning. Newfield’s ontological learning tools provide leaders with knowledge that transforms conventional business knowledge into wise practices. Using new team interaction and learning models, vibrant company cultures are created that generate shared value, respect and commitment. Through Newfield’s training programs, managers learn to inspire greater loyalty from customers and employees, produce superior industry results and contribute to a sustainable world with equitable commercial practices, increased environmental health, and optimal employment opportunities for people.

Can I become a certified coach through Newfield Network?

Yes. Newfield’s Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery (CPPM) program is a world-class coach training program and is Level 2 Accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Completion of the program means you have successfully completed 125 coach-specific education hours and passed Newfield Certification. Completing the CPPM is the necessary first step to applying for an individual ICF Credential.

Is there a way to connect with Newfield clients and students to ask them questions about their Newfield experiences?


  1. Attend one of the Newfield grad panel discussions.
  2. Connect directly with Linda Fischer, Newfield’s client and community relations leader, and she will be able to put you in touch with students and organizations that have worked with Newfield.

The virtual conferences are facilitated by Veronica Olalla Love, M.Ac., PCC (global CEO and international facilitator) and Alexander M. Love, M.Ac., PCC (senior international facilitator). The programs are run by the Director of Programs, Deanne Prymek, PCC. Our experienced Newfield mentor coaches lead virtual classes throughout the course and offer personalized coaching and mentoring.

What is ontology and why is it so important to the Newfield approach?

Newfield’s approach is grounded in the study of ontology, the branch of philosophy which addresses our “beingness.” We are continuously becoming and developing. Through the ontological approach, we become astute and compassionate observers of ourselves and others. This has a powerful effect: it puts us at choice. Instead of re-actively going down the same paths which don’t work, we open up to new horizons in our leadership, coaching, and personal life.


When are courses offered and how much of an investment (in time and money) is involved?

It varies depending on the course.

Due to the intensive nature of Newfield Network courses, the core programs start new classes two times each year. Courses can be as short as six days or as long as nine months, depending on the course you’re interested in. Enrollment requirements and tuition costs also vary. Overview information on courses for coaches, organizations, and individuals is available, and for specifics, please contact Linda Fischer or phone 1.303.449.6117.

What languages are your programs offered in?


If I’m not ready to commit but have questions, how do I find out more?

It’s easy, and it’s completely up to you.

  1. Connect with Linda Fischer, Newfield’s client and community relations leader, and ask your questions directly.
  2. Join our email list and stay in the know about upcoming webinars, blogs, and videos.
  3. Attend a free virtual grad panel discussion and ask whatever questions you might have.

Any Other Questions?

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