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This…brilliantly implemented program is the crème de la crème of coach training.” – Athena Miller

Coaching for Personal & Professional Mastery

Newfield Network’s Coaching for Personal & Professional Mastery 8-month coach training program is considered the Harvard of coach certification and executive coaching programs. Our coach training program is routinely ranked in the top three life coach certification training programs worldwide.

Accredited Coach Training Program

In July 2000 Newfield’s Coaching for Personal & Professional Mastery coach training program became one of the founding programs accredited by the International Coach Federation – ICF*.  Since then we’ve been a pioneer in the field of ontological learning and coaching.

ICF Core Coaching Competencies

We teach the ICF Core Coaching Competencies and the Professional Coaching Markers, which include how to build rapport and trust, how to enter into a coaching agreement, how to work with the coachee to develop coaching plans, etc.

Let's Talk

Committing to a program can be a big decision, and we’re here to help. Linda Fischer, our Director for Community Relations and a Newfield Grad, can answer your questions, connect you to Newfield alumni who share your background, and give you the information and support you need.

Linda Fischer

Client and Community Relations

Ontological Coaching

However, transformational coaching is far more than following a set of markers or procedures.

That’s where Newfield’s focus on ontological coaching comes in. By learning to make powerful observations about yourself and others in the somatic, linguistic and emotional domains, you become a dynamic and flexible coach who can adapt your disposition, moves, and tools to serve each unique coachee.

With ontology as the foundation of your coach training, each coaching conversation can be fresh, alive, and dynamic, built on solid foundations of tried-and-true coaching markers.

If you are new to coaching and coach training, we employ several innovative learning best practices such as learning groups, teleseminars, mentor coaching, recommended readings and assignments, Web-enabled distance learning, and more, so that you receive a rich experience throughout the eight months.

Program Overview

Newfield’s 8-month Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery Program prepares you to be a certified coach by the Newfield Network and the International Coaches Federation.

The topics we cover are:

Theory of the Observer: The world that we live in and the possibilities of action within that world is shaped by the ensemble of beliefs, paradigms or master assertions that we have about ourselves, others and the world. By means of modifying the observer we are, we can enlarge our possibilities for action, enhance our effectiveness and reduce our suffering or lack of satisfaction that certain situations cause us.

Learning to Learn: One of the main capacities allowing us to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing economy is the ability to learn. Through this, we can take charge of developing new abilities to see problems or challenges as possibilities for innovation and development.

Model of breakdowns: In our personal and organizational life, problems occur that challenge our traditional ways of doing things. One interpretation of “breakdowns” is that they are possibilities for learning, innovation, and development, and they allow us to increase our capacity for action and results.

Effective Listening: A central aspect in the ability to anticipate working conflicts, to satisfy our clients’ concerns, and even to anticipate requests or to be an offer to others, lies in learning to listen to others’ concerns, the environment, the future, etc.

Theory of the Acts of Speech: If we review our daily life, we discover a great part of it is immersed in conversations – to ask for help, to offer a product, to hire someone, etc.  We maintain that increasing our power, our capacity to coordinate actions, and our well-being, lies in improving the quality of our communication.

Powerful Conversations: One of the most frequently declared problems by people in organizations is the difficulty to generate and participate in different kinds of conversations. There are organizations that easily engage in conversations for action but have difficulties speculating, making a legitimate complaint, or innovating. There are people who have great power to dream up new projects and limited power to put those dreams into concrete actions.  We bring to our coaching programs a profoundly simple but effective technique for having powerful conversations.

Conversations, Actions, and Emotions: During the course of our occidental culture, we have neglected the importance and impact that moods have on the results we produce.  We all know that actions taken from a mood of resignation are not as likely to produce the intended results as actions taken from a mood of, say, ambition.  Emotional intelligence, as Daniel Goldman speaks about it, is an important capacity to develop in managers and an essential ingredient in good coaching.

The Art & Science of Coaching: Coaching is an art form as well as a science.  In this program, you learn how to blend the Newfield ontological distinctions with the core coaching competencies.

Newfield Coaching Certification

Upon successful completion of the Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery program, the final step is to become a Newfield Certified Coach® by demonstrating your competency with all you’ve learned as a coach. To do this you submit a 40 – 60-minute recorded coaching conversation displaying your proficiency demonstrating the arch of coaching in an established coaching relationship.

You are eligible to apply to become a Newfield Certified Coach® after you have recorded 60-hours of coaching on your coaching log.

ICF Coaching Credentials

After passing Newfield coaching certification and logging a cumulative total of 100-hours of coaching on your coaching log, you become eligible to apply to become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), and after logging 500-hours coaching (from the first day you began your accredited coach training program), you are eligible to become a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

After Your Graduation

You will join a vibrant and active alumni community on our Web portal.  Enabling you to share resources, coaching tools and network with over 2,500 of the finest coaches in the world. This provides a highly conducive environment for continuous development and, along with our regular events, allows you to stay at the cutting edge of the coaching profession.

* The International Coach Federation (ICF) is a nonprofit organization formed by individual members-professionals who practice coaching from around the world. Formed in 1995, today it is the leading global organization with over 14,000 members in almost 90 countries. It is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high, professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a network of credentialed coaches. It advances the coaching profession through programs and a standard supported by members and is the most authoritative source on coaching information and research for the public.

Committed to change

If you are truly committed to bringing about transformational change in yourself and others and being part of a very powerful and supportive learning community, Newfield’s ontological coaching program is exactly what you are looking for. This well-thought-out and brilliantly implemented program is the crème de la crème of coach training.” – Athena Miller, president, Human Dimensions

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