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Together, we have the power to inspire, connect, and deliver on new opportunities and rich experiences that can open doors to innovation and progress… – Tae Yoo

Globally Connected

Newfield Network is a vibrant, global community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of human knowing and learning. As a coaching certification graduate, read more about the many ways available to you to foster new conversations, stay connected and continue your learning.

Alumni Connect

Once we have gone through the Newfield coaching certification program, we are profoundly aware of the importance of community, connection, and learning in our lives. With this deep experience, many of us crave to actively and continuously be part of a community. Find out how you can stay engaged  with Newfield, get support, and continue lifelong learning with a like-minded community. 

Alumni Deepen

We believe the ontological learning distinctions always meet you where you’re at, bringing fresh new facets and nuances to your learning and life. We are here to help you refine, strengthen, and deepen your coaching and professional skills. Learn how you can expand your awareness, notice the patterns in your own life, and further develop your observer.

Alumni Serve

Is there something you are passionate about and want to share with the world? Or is your heart full of gratitude and you are looking for opportunities to be of service? Spread your wisdom and insights by experiencing the joy of giving back within the Newfield community. We offer a variety of ways that you can contribute. 

Alumni Directory

Connect with Newfield Network coaches, graduates, current students, and alumni from around the world, joining a dynamic community of change-agents dedicated to making a difference. Join the directory now!

Learning Collective

The Newfield Learning Collective is an online learning platform offering a host of educational courses and resources. A robust learning center; it was designed to advance the growth, connection, and success of the Newfield Network community.

Our Mission to Serve

Newfield Latin America’s nonprofit Community and Service Foundation is thriving. They have 356 volunteers working 62 service projects in five countries, including Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, and Chile, and have helped over 1,500 people. But we want to help expand their reach even wider, and we need your donations to do it.

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How Newfield Coaches Work Their Magic

How Newfield Coaches Work Their Magic

Transformational coaching helps clients change the fundamental way they see their breakdown and are being to access potentialities that would have otherwise remained hidden or dormant.

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What is Ontological Coaching?

What is Ontological Coaching?

In this special audio blog, Veronica Olalla Love, Newfield Network’s CEO, explains what’s behind the word “ontology” and why body, emotion, and language are so crucial to this type of learning.

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