The Community & Service Foundation

Lend a Global Helping Hand

Newfield Latin America has created a nonprofit Community and Service Foundation that provides coaching in organizations and environments from orphanages to prisons. The foundation’s goal is to be of service to the community and bring transformational work to people who would otherwise not have the resources to access it.

Through the work of hundreds of volunteers, they offer their knowledge, their gifts and their hearts to help and service those less fortunate. This community of volunteers is made up of Newfield graduates who are available to deliver part of their time to these organizations. They provide individual coaching, group workshops, and leadership training at no cost to the participants.

They have already given support to over 1,500 people, helped young people stay in school, worked with prisons, partnered with women to develop businesses to support their families, and worked with foundations combating poverty. They plan to widen their impact, but they can’t do it alone!

They need your donations for materials and supplies, travel expenses for remote destinations, and to support the people who work for the foundation to organize, facilitate and train the volunteers. We need our Newfield Family to come together to support them so that they can give back. Everything counts. 

Help us reach more people, generate and nurture spaces for development, and build a better world through the distinctions of ontological coaching when you donate.

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