Continuing Education

“In times of change, those who are prepared to learn will inherit the land, while those who think they already know will find themselves wonderfully equipped to face a world that no longer exists.” – Eric Hoffer

Virtual Learning Opportunities

Whether you’re a Newfield alumnus or an educated coach from another program, we invite you to partake in our virtual learning opportunities.

Continuing Education for Coaches: On the path of mastery, learning never stops.

If you have already undergone coach education and are ready to deepen your coaching capacities and skills, you can join our Coaching for Professional and Personal Mastery program. 

Participation Options

Continuing education for coaches: 6 days, 16 weeks, 9 months

6-Day | Virtual Immersion | The Foundation Course

Experience how an ontological approach brings your coaching to a whole new level. Learn more and enroll.

16-Week | All Virtual | Foundations of Ontological Learning

Reinforce and apply the ontological approach in your daily work and life through virtual learning; be coached by a seasoned ontological coach. Learn more and enroll.

9-Month | All Virtual | Coaching for Personal & Professional Mastery

Build the ontological approach into your coaching, and pursue Newfield Certification with the mentorship of a seasoned ontological coach. Learn more and enroll.

What Participants Say About Our Program:

Within Newfield, it’s often stated that “this work meets you where you are.” For passionate learners, the exploration of the depths of ontological coaching and how it impacts human interaction never ends. Experienced coaches, who are graduates of other coach education programs, seek to obtain their coach continuing education, and also deepen their skill set, by attending our programs.

“This course helped me overcome the most limiting belief I’ve been carrying for most of my 35 years, and as a result, I see so many new possibilities for my coaching practice! I can acknowledge that I am a learner, I have learned to request support from others, and most of all feel more grounded than ever before that I will be a successful coach! In addition, I have created very strong alliances with coaches from other coach training programs and will be partnering with several of them in the very near future in my business.”

Mark Robertson

“I am not certain whether I chose the Newfield Network program or it chose me. From the first day of the program there was a magic to it–satisfying my intellectual “need to know” with well-founded thinking while inviting me to a deeper knowing. The program is like the difference between taking an art class and learning that you are an artist working with the medium of body, language and emotions colored by a cultural palette–that in coaching we are creating both self and other and that is our art. So I became an artist among other artists in an amazing learning community. The learning field is so pervasive that although there were tears when the program ended, there was no possible way it could–Newfield continues to lead and embrace me as it informs my coaching.”

Beth Hand

“Experiencing and studying ontological coaching with the rigor of the Newfield Network program is grounding my coaching, and creating a deeper, richer sense of my being a coach–not only in language but also in body and in spirit. How do you express how a learning program allows you to serve others by flowing in a gigantic space with your feet planted firmly on solid ground? My clients know. I know.”

Augusta Nash

“I have loved the international nature of the program and the diverse backgrounds of participants and staff. I know of no other program where you can get this and it is truly amazing learning, especially as it applies to coaching. The focus on movement as well as language and emotion are powerful, not only for coaching, but it has also changed my personal outlook. Thanks, Newfield!” 

John Danes

Program Benefits

  • Be exposed to a solid body of knowledge and practices, based on our understanding of the generative power of language, emotions, and body.
  • Learn how our discourses (our personal history, gender, race, culture, geography, etc.) constitute us and affect our capacity to act… as individuals and as organizations.
  • Experience how the body is our conduit for learning and lasting change and how to break immobilizing patterns.
  • Discover how moods and emotions impact our ability to take action.

Alumni Re-Immersion

If you are an alumni of Newfield’s Coaching for Professional and Personal Mastery program and want to come back and reconnect with the Newfield community and re-experience the magic of learning, then enroll in our Alumni Re-Immersion.

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