Alumni Deepen

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” – Earl Nightingale

Alumni Re-Immersion

Longing to be back with your Newfield friends? Immersed once again in the deep learning and sharing that you experienced in your coaching certification program? Now you can with Alumni Deepen!

In the Alumni Re-immersion program, graduates of our Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery program are invited to attend coaching certification again ‘a la carte.’

Options for attending are:

1. The Foundation Course | 6 Days Virtual

2. Foundations of Ontological Learning | 6 Days Virtual+ 16-Weeks Virtual

3. Coach Training Intensive | 6 Days Virtual

4. The Art & Practice of Ontological Coaching | 6 Days Virtual+ 16-Weeks Virtual

5. Coaching for Personal & Professional Mastery | 9 Months Virtual

 What Our Re-Immersion Participants Say

You won't be disappointed

I’ve been an active coach since 1992, so I’ve been doing this for a while. At times I get a little bit arrogant about what I know and don’t know, but I’ve never been able to replace the experience of a workshop at Newfield. I did re-immersion and learned about myself in each one of the experiential exercises we did. Becoming the Observer of the Observer that we are is about constant learning, so you won’t be disappointed if you do the program again… and again, and again. – Mike Papnia

Leave your mark

I feel that I now give myself permission to leave my mark, to share my unique contribution to the world that is based on the experiences that I’ve had and how they’ve shaped me. I feel that it’s imperative for me to do that. This purpose that was instilled by Newfield & the re-immersion process. It is a full-cycle that now allows me to move through the world as a whole person and really to leave an impact. I now don’t even think twice about it except to ensure that it is my most authentic expression. – Marcus Walton

Deepened my understanding

I walked away with much more confidence as a coach. I deepened my understanding across all the different areas of the Newfield approach and remembered a lot that I had forgotten since my first Foundation Course. – Brian Gadsden

Growth & learning always continue

Going back to Newfield to do the re-immersion was nearly as surprising as going to it the first time, and it was a beautiful reminder that growth and learning continue all of the time. I highly recommend going back and re-immersing yourself in The Foundations Course. You will discover and continue to learn so much. – Becky Ives

Let’s Talk

Come and join us again for Alumni Re-Immersion! Reconnect to your Newfield family and deepen your coaching skills. If you’re interested in enrolling, contact Linda Fischer, our Director for Community Relations and a Newfield Grad.
Linda Fischer

Client and Community Relations

Learning in Action (LIA) Alumni Monthly Dialogues

Once we have gone through the Newfield coaching certification program, we are profoundly aware of the importance of community, connection, and learning in our lives. With this deep experience, many of us crave to actively and continuously be part of a community. We know the power of co-inspiring each other to evolve through presence and rich conversation. These Learning in Action (LIA) conversations are one way to nourish our collective unfolding.

These alumni dialogues are the perfect place where we can show up fully and engage in a sacred environment where we reflect collectively and co-generate a beautiful shared future. In these conversations, we draw upon our collective community wisdom and pave the road for co-designing a thriving alumni community.

LIA video calls are an open invitation to our alumni and are free. You are always welcome to join. No previous attendance of calls is needed in order to participate. These calls are designed and lead by our alumni.


  • We offer one LIA call every month – the first Thursday at 12 pm ET/10 am MT.
  • Archives – You can access recordings of our past LIA calls 24/7.
  • Comment – You can post comments about each topic.

Pursuing Newfield Coaching Certification

Still haven’t taken that last step and completed the Newfield Coaching Certification? Don’t let another day go by! Download the application now. Get your NCC credential today.

Replacement Certificate or Diploma

Need a replacement Newfield certificate or diploma? Email and make a request.

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