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Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence. – Abigail Adams

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Our blog, podcast, and Learning Collective curate relevant content from the Newfield community and others who are in the orbit of ontological learning.

Newfield Discovery Blog

Our blog is about exploring coaching and transformation, sharing hope, igniting desire, and seeing what is possible. It’s also about practicality—we want to make Newfield’s ontological coaching accessible to everyone. Each writer comes from a different perspective and shares their experience, their learning and ways small shifts in thinking can change your everyday.

Newfield Ignite Podcast

The purpose of the Newfield Ignite Podcast is to bring you dialogues at the edge of what is possible. You will engage with a like-minded podcast community and be stirred by ideas and discoveries from some of the worlds’ leading-edge coaches, teachers, and luminaries. We will discuss ideas such as spirit, success, coaching certification, and much more. This podcast will transform the way you see the world and invite you to stay alive within ever unfolding new conversations. Only together can we discover the complexity and compassion necessary to address our global concerns.

The Learning Collective

The Newfield Network Learning Collective (a.k.a. Teachable) is an available resource that captures ideas and observations on key topics. The Learning Collective has a series of free audio courses and podcasts to help the Newfield Network community tap into expert knowledge offered by graduates, current students and leaders connected to the Newfield Network.

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