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Weekly Discovery Sessions

Join us every Wednesday at 12 pm Eastern Time for a complimentary conversation with veteran coach Linda Fischer to explore the powerful and transformative world of ontological coaching and/or personal development. 

During this 45-minute live, interactive session, we will address your questions and curiosities about The Foundation Course and/or Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery.

Together, we will:

  • Transform your perception through an introduction to Newfield’s methodology and philosophy.
  • Explore how our program format and structure makes personal transformation and coach training accessible, affordable while providing you with the highest quality learning in the field.
  • Dive into the questions that matter to you.
  • Connect with passionate people with shared interests.

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Linda Fischer, Client & Community Relations, USA

Linda Fischer, Client & Community Relations, USA

Linda, a self-described “life adventurer,” ceaselessly expands her skills and knowledge, driven by an insatiable curiosity for the world. Graduating from Newfield in 2008-2009, she seamlessly blended her passion for learning with a strong sense of community, joining the Newfield team in 2011. Her Newfield experience, marked by its dynamic and practical approach to life and learning, deeply resonated with her, prompting a dedicated commitment to sharing ontological wisdom on a global scale. As the co-founder of a sustainable eco-community, Linda brings extensive business ownership and upper-level management expertise to her work, complemented by a diverse background in psychology and spiritual studies.

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