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If you landed here today, there’s something in your life that is asking for more—whether it’s transitioning into a new career, strengthening your relationships, or creating a greater impact in the world. 

In Newfield’s 33 years, we have trained over 70,000 people—like you—to create the positive possibilities in life that they desire. 

We invite you to join a Discovery Session with Linda Fischer, Newfield’s Director of Client and Community Relations and Newfield graduate. Linda would love to chat through any of your questions, connect you to Newfield alumni who share your background, and give you the information and support you need.

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If you’re looking for a change, you’re in the right place.

Many of us have a deep sense that life could be better. A sense that our personal life and relationships could be more fulfilling, our work life more effective, and our sense of self freer. We might have tried different strategies and actions, but things stay the same. We sense that a deeper level of change is needed.

This is where Newfield’s program meets where you are. Ontological learning offers you a space to observe yourself without judgment: your linguistic, somatic and emotional patterns, master assessments, narratives, beliefs and desires. More importantly, it enables you to connect with what you care about most, see new possibilities for action, and learn new tools to make critical shifts in your personal life.

All this is done with the support of professional coaches and a learning community.

Whether you are figuring out what to do next in life, wanting to improve an important relationship or pursuing deeper meaning and purpose, Newfield’s program will give you clarity, passion, and tools for your next step.

What Our Graduates Are Saying:

Lee C.

I’ve been through many schools over the last ten years and I found that Newfield Network is one that has a wonderful experiential activity program that will help people to understand the importance of their being. I couldn’t find any other school that compared to my life experiences, so this is the one for me.

Lesley K.

This experience has been completely transformative. I am not the same person today as I was when I arrived. The experience with my peers of the group, the leaders, the staff, have been powerful in certain ways beyond words.

Vinay K.

Newfield isn’t just about superficial change, it’s about deep transformation. It’s changing from the inside out, which is the only one that lasts and it sticks. It is something I have not experienced in any other program.

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