When more of the same is no longer an option, a new field of learning is required.

We train aspiring coaches and leaders who change the world.

We have dedicated ourselves to creating a global community of new learning that enables people to live and work from their wholeness, humanity, and passion. When you create from this place, opportunities for leadership, coaching, and businesses grow exponentially and you are in service to a greater purpose in life.
Veronica Olalla Love

Global CEO, Newfield Network

Newfield Network is an internationally recognized education and coach certification company. We are committed to fostering profound transformation and empowering individuals to become catalysts for meaningful change in their lives as well as the lives of others.

We equip leaders and aspiring coaches with the learning practices, tools, and awareness to not only effectively address the unprecedented challenges of today, both personally and professionally, but to create a future of possibilities and change.

We have over 30 years of experience delivering transformational development programs to coaches, leaders, and individuals across the globe.

Newfield provides the tools and support to help you transform the way you live, coach, and lead.

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Who Comes to Newfield

Our students come from across the globe and from a multiplicity of professional backgrounds. They join our Newfield courses to experience more than what traditional programs provide. They recognize the need for a new kind of learning that addresses what it means to be human, and how that impacts the way they live and lead.

Newfield Network fosters a global learning community based on respect, care, and dignity to catapult individuals and organizations into a new way of being and leading in the world. Newfield’s innovative and integrated learning practices are a key reason why aspiring coaches, people-centric organizations, progressive executives, and individual change agents seek out Newfield courses.

If you are truly committed to bringing about transformational change in yourself and others, and being part of a very powerful and supportive learning community, Newfield’s ontological coaching program is exactly what you are looking for. This well-thought-out and brilliantly implemented program is the crème de la crème of coaching education.

– Athena Miller, President, Human Dimensions

Our Accredited Approach

Our proven approach is built on years of experience, a depth of philosophical wisdom and models, and a commitment to our students and the impact they create in the world.

We are the first coach training program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and our founder, Julio Olalla, is considered one of the originators of the executive coaching and transformational learning fields.

Our leadership, coaching, and personal programs are grounded in the study of ontology, the branch of philosophy that addresses how we are being and showing up in life.

As humans, we are continuously becoming and developing. Through an ontological approach, we become astute and compassionate observers of ourselves and others. Instead of actively going down the same paths that don’t work, we open up to new horizons in our leadership, coaching, and personal life.

Newfield’s ontological approach to learning honors the full humanity of each person: language, body (somatics), and emotion. We explore all these territories as windows into who you are, and avenues you can shift to achieve your goals. In our programs, you will witness how effective change comes when you integrate shifts across all these domains.

With linguistic, somatic, and emotional distinctions in your toolbox, you have incredible range and flexibility to bring out the best in yourself and those you work with.

Our graduates often report how the Newfield learning is deeply embodied, impactful, and endures throughout the years. We believe it’s because they experience ontology – learning that deliberately and consistently integrates mind, body, and emotion.

Our Core Virtual Programs

In our signature learning experiences, you will attain the skills you need in an environment that celebrates curiosity, supports growth, and cultivates community. To thrive in the new world of work, leaders need a new way of thinking that embraces a global mix of cultures and remote and in-person teams. In our programs, you’ll learn how to open up new possibilities that form the foundation for success.

Whether you are seeking to become a certified coach, strengthen your leadership skills, or enhance your personal development, Newfield is the next step in your journey.

Fundamental Personal Development

The Foundation Course

In this six-day live, virtual intensive, you will gain a profound understanding of how human beings operate at the most fundamental levels and how we can change. Broaden your immediate reach in life for the sake of your personal growth and leadership skills.

Ontological Development

Foundations of Ontological Learning

Foundations of Ontological Learning begins with the Foundation Course six-day intensive and then continues with sixteen weeks of flexible course work, learning guides, interactive classes, peer groups, and personalized coaching sessions to build on the learning from the Foundation Course, embodying and integrating it in your life for lasting change.

Personal Development Programs & Events

Coaching for Personal & Professional Mastery

Coaching for Personal & Professional Mastery – a Level 2 ICF Accredited Training Program – includes the Foundation Course, the Foundations of Ontological Learning, plus a 6-Day Virtual Coach Training Intensive, sixteen weeks of flexible course work, learning guides, interactive classes, peer groups, coaching practice, personalized mentor coaching, and more. The program ends with a 3-day Virtual Coach Intensive.

What Our Graduates Are Saying:

Lee C.

I’ve been through many schools over the last ten years and I found that Newfield Network is one that has a wonderful experiential activity program that will help people to understand the importance of their being. I couldn’t find any other school that compared to my life experiences, so this is the one for me.

Lesley K.

This experience has been completely transformative. I am not the same person today as I was when I arrived. The experience with my peers of the group, the leaders, the staff, have been powerful in certain ways beyond words.

Vinay K.

Newfield isn’t just about superficial change, it’s about deep transformation. It’s changing from the inside out, which is the only one that lasts and it sticks. It is something I have not experienced in any other program.

Deepen Your Personal Development

Emerge from our courses with new skills and ways of looking at the world that empower you to create the future you desire.

Strengthen Your Leadership

Leaders who attend Newfield Leadership Development Programs generate superior results at work.

Become a Certified Coach

Our coach training program is routinely ranked in the top three life coach certification training programs worldwide.
This was one of the most valuable life experiences that I have had. I have used the techniques and learnings with my family, friends, church, and work. I have been promoted into a position at work where I will be managing the Executive Coaching Program for Marshall Space Flight Center. All the years that I spent in college and taking hundreds of hours of training did not come close to benefiting me and others the way that the Newfield program has.
Janie Moyers


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Business Development Course for Coaches

Business Development Course for Coaches

Coaches: Learn step-by-step how to build, grow, and sustain a thriving coaching business. This comprehensive program will take your business skills to a level you have never dreamed of and catapult your coaching skills to the next level of mastery.

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Join Linda Fischer for a Discovery Session

Join Linda Fischer for a Discovery Session

Join us every Wednesday at 12 pm ET | 9 am PT for a complimentary conversation with veteran coach Linda Fischer to explore the powerful and transformative world of ontological personal development and/or coaching.

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