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What is Ontological Coaching?

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What is Ontological Coaching?

Whether you are new to coaching or a seasoned coach, explaining ontological learning and ontological coaching can get you brain-tied.

In this special audio blog, Veronica Olalla Love, Newfield Network's CEO, explains what's behind the word "ontology" and why body, emotion, and language are so crucial to this type of learning.

Click here to listen!

Curious to find out more? Listen to the full interview with Veronica Olalla Love on our podcast - click here.

In the full interview, Veronica gives a taste of all the realms ontological learning can reveal:

  • The idea of ‘other’ and observing how our definition is not as air-tight as we think.
  • How it is possible to coordinate a future together even when we have very different perspectives.
  • Why personal transformation is so deeply entwined with becoming a coach.
  • How to fully experience this wild crazy ride called life that we are on.


Want to learn more about our course offerings? Check out our Foundation Course for transformative personal development and the first step towards becoming a Certified Coach.

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Author: Veronica Olalla Love

Veronica Paz Olalla Love, M.Ac., NCC®, PCC is the Chief Executive Officer for the Newfield Network, United States branch and is an international presenter for the Newfield Network programs.

She combines over 15 years of experience working in the holistic health field with over a decade of immersion in the ontological coaching domain. In addition to being a somatic and program leader for the Newfield Network, she is co-founder of Enjoy Vibrant Living: a natural medicine clinic in Boulder, Colorado that blends ontological coaching and Chinese medicine within an integral context. She received her master’s degree in Acupuncture at the Tai Sophia Institute in Maryland, and her bachelor’s degree in Women’s studies and Cultural Anthropology from UC, Santa Cruz.

Veronica is a transformational leader who assists others to dive heart first into the inherent magic of life. In her unique and passionate style, Love invites us to remember the depth of potential we have as evolutionary beings. Veronica Olalla Love lives a profound commitment to carry on the Newfield lineage and ensure that its inherent brilliance is passed on with integrity for generations to come.

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