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Foundations of Ontological Learning
Fall Registration Form
  • The Foundation Course
  • Module-1: A 16-week virtual learning program
Please read the course Terms Of Participation.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Written notification of your withdrawal by email to is required.

– $500 US of your tuition is a deposit and non-refundable.

$2,700/$2,820 US of your tuition is non-refundable on Day 1 of The Foundation Course.

$5,130/$5,358 US of your tuition is non-refundable on Day 1 of Module 1: Foundations.

– Your full tuition is non-refundable on Day 1 of Foundations of Ontological Learning.

Finance charges on payment plans are non-refundable.

– Any outstanding tuition payments are due in full.

– To transfer between programs, there is a Program Change Fee of $250 US.


If you have any questions, please contact Linda Fischer, Client & Community Relations USA, by calling +1.303.449.6117 or emailing her at

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