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Executive Coaching

Social & Ontological Leadership

The Future is Powered by SOL

Social & Ontological Leadership (SOL) emerges from Newfield Network’s deep belief that business is a force for good. Our executive coaching helps organizations innovate, adapt, and achieve repeatable success through transformational learning. The aim of executive coaching is to build vibrant cultures that generate shared value by providing leaders with knowledge that transforms conventional business knowledge into wise practices. Through Newfield SOL programs, managers learn to inspire greater loyalty from customers and employees, produce superior industry results and contribute to a sustainable world with equitable commercial practices, increased environmental health, and optimal employment opportunities for people.

Experiential Executive Coaching Learning Spaces

SOL provides safe, experiential learning spaces where your team can freely examine:

  • How to effectively communicate, solve problems, and make decisions in situations when members have different information and opposing interests.
  • How leadership approaches affect team performance in situations characterized by time pressure and competition.
  • How teams and their leaders deal with potential tradeoffs between short-term task completion and longer-term team effectiveness.
  • How cognitive biases impair decision-making.

Workshop: Embodied Leadership

Leaders assemble executive coaching teams to pool expertise where their members bring different knowledge and perspectives to the table. Teams inherently possess asymmetric information, interest, and interdependence, which, when skillfully observed and managed, lead to a healthy network of conversations that generate successful outcomes. Embodied leadership combines hard research in leadership with an ontological approach that is based on observation, reflection and “whole-person” sourcing of appropriate actions using body, language, and emotions. Executive coaching is rooted in the conversations through which leaders unify their teams and generate solutions. One of the foundational tenets of executive coaching is that a critical skill of a leader is the ability to create the emotional field necessary to achieve the organization’s goals. Participants will obtain this and other executive coaching skills to make better decisions, improve relationships and reduce stress while leading teams.

Workshop: Emotional Mastery for Leaders

Emotional Mastery for Leaders is one of Newfield’s most popular and acclaimed executive coaching workshops. Going well beyond standard “soft” communication skills training programs, we combine science-based essentials of emotional intelligence with ontological learning theory into language everyone can understand. Coaching certification participants will obtain the practical skills and motivation to make better decisions, improve relationships, reduce stress and increase productivity.

You’ll explore the following executive coaching topics, and more:

  • The Values Compass
  • Emotions of Power
  • Emotions as Action Signals
  • Neuroscience and the Steps to Emotional Mastery
  • Learning ‘Question Technology’
  • Reversing Disempowering Beliefs
  • Steps to Change Behavior "In leadership positions, 85% of the competencies for success lie in the EI domain, rather than in technical or intellectual abilities.” ~Daniel Goleman

Workshop: Conflict & The Spirit of Co-Design

Conflict & The Spirit of Co-Design is an executive coaching workshop that sets forth professional standards for disagreements through intentional, human conversations in which, using body, language, and emotions, people look for the best solution based on observing the “whole-person” in conflict. Executive coaching participants will obtain the practical skills and motivation to make better decisions, improve relationships and reduce stress while negotiating through situations rather than competing to be the winner of a conflict.

About Newfield Network

What makes Newfield different: Newfield is an international education, coaching certification, and consulting organization committed to bringing new learning practices and awareness to organizations for the purpose of addressing the pressing demands we are facing that traditional interventions and consulting are insufficient to address alone. The Newfield Network team is led by Julio Olalla, one of the pioneers and founders of the executive coaching profession. He is joined by an extraordinary group of certified executive coaches and consultants who have been facilitating personal and organizational transformation for over 20 years. Our coaching certification team is continuously learning and participating in research in the fields of linguistics, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and a mind-body connection. Julio and his executive coaching team have worked directly with more than 50,000 people in nine different countries over the last decade.

Newfield's Coaching Philosophy

To take new actions requires that we break with the habits and conservative forces that have served us to reach our current level of performance, but now limit our ability to move forward or innovate. Newfield Network believes that the results you seek to produce are greatly influenced by the way you speak, the way you listen and by your emotions, your moods, and your physiology and presence. Our executive coaching methodology offers participants a way to become new observers of themselves, of others, and of the various systems in which they, and others, play a role. In doing this, coaching certification participants break the old habits and ways of doing things that aren’t producing the desired outcomes. To do this requires commitment and practice, over time, as necessary for creating lasting change and for transforming our habitual ways of acting. Through powerful conversations, Newfield’s coaching certification helps an individual or team create new practices, and sustain them in the face of daily pressures and demands.