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Personal Development

Transform Your Relationship To Life: Transform The World

The Foundation Personal Development Course is a 5-day coaching certification intensive that radically transforms your relationship to life. Reflect, inquire, converse and dive into an exploration of the fundamental assumption about living with this personal development course. When more of the same is no longer an option, it's time for a new field of learning. The Foundation Personal Development Course offers a sacred context where learning and transformation happen in alignment with respect, dignity, and heart.


If you’re looking for a change, you’re in the right place. Newfield Network can help you change your life in ways you never thought possible. Register for the Foundation Course or join a free Q&A call to find out more

Satisfaction, gratitude & service: A good life is not only possible, it's essential

We spend a great deal of time chatting in our society and little time genuinely conversing. Becoming conscious of the different uses of language enables us to become far more effective in creating what we want. There are fascinating depths and usefulness to language as a tool to be gained from experts in the field of coaching certification.

Personal development does not have to take years. It can be a lightning-fast realization that shifts the way you think, see the world, and interact with it. Personal development in alignment with what you care about. As it has for over 25 years in countries around the world, personal development occurs in each student that chooses Newfield Network for coaching certification.

The Foundation Course:

  • Conferences held in Longmont, Colorado
  • Payment plans are available
  • 2019 Fall Program • Starts September 23, 2019

Two Ways to Learn More:

  1. Contact Linda Fischer at 1.303.449.6117. Or email
  2. Join a free Q&A call to learn what makes Newfield unique

September 23rd - 27th, 2019 - Boulder, CO

 Register for The Foundation Course

  • Payment plans available. 100% money-back guarantee
  • More information: Email Linda Fischer or phone 1.303.449.6117


Becoming fluent and fluid in these areas of learning is critical in the ability to make the transformational learning shift from knowledge to wisdom in our lives.

Set in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, this is the right environment for learning, creating, and generating the future you’ve dreamed of. The five-day conference is held in a location that is ideally suited for fostering the introspection necessary for personal development. Individuals attending The Foundation Personal Development Course can expect to broaden their perceptions, learn new distinctions and capabilities, and build their personal and professional leadership skills resulting in an increased ability to achieve positive results in multiple domains.

During The Foundation Personal Development Course, you will:

  • Transform into your most alive, passionate, and fulfilled self through engaging directly with world-class coaches. Become part of a network of leaders that deeply care about creating a brighter future through activities that foster lifetime connections.
  • Catalyze your personal development through participation in facilitated small group exercises and conversations with like-minded peers.1285 - Personal Development
  • Discover how your body and somatic intelligence is a gateway to a life filled with new possibility, courage, and creativity.
  • Attain life skills that unleash the power of language and emotions to transform relationships in every domain of your life.


Among the various learning experiences in my 52 years of learning, Newfield's program was the most profound and the most fun of all! I came out a different person. For example, it challenged the deeply held myth of my own self-sufficiency and opened up new vistas of meaningful community.
—Viscount Thurston

After participating and opening to this Newfield experience, I am a changed woman. I feel an unfamiliar sense of calm and a new sense of resolution and stability. I delight in this and further adventures, I know, await me!
—Beverly Lutz

The conference was truly spectacular. Julio is a master and an amazing role model of wisdom, humility, mastery, integral thinking, fun, and salsa! I have had so many breakthroughs and insights, and, of course, still digesting the wealth of material and experiences. Also, the space that was created by the support has to be acknowledged. I am blessed to be part of the program and so look forward to the journey.
—Helen-Jane Nelson

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Development Programs

Is The Foundation Personal Development Course the entry point for all Newfield learning?

Yes, this is the foundation of all Newfield programs. The core concepts are taught through the basis of Ontological Coaching®. If you are looking for personal development, professional development, coach training or any of our other programs, you are in the right place!

Who else takes this program?TFC coll

Participants come to Newfield from all over the world with different professional backgrounds, age ranges, and ethnicities. Each person’s goal is as unique as they are. They may choose only to complete The Foundation Course or move forward to coaching certification.

How can I find out more information on this program?

The easiest thing to do is to call our office at  1.303.449.6117 and ask to speak with coaching certification expert Linda Fischer. She will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Another way is to join an upcoming complimentary telecall. We have them each week!