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Linda Fischer, Director of Client and Community Relations and Newfield alumni

Linda has studied for over three decades how to bring consciousness into businesses. She joined the team at Newfield Network, USA, in 2011 because their mission and vision met her own care in the world. Whether working with Newfield Network, as a personal coach in her own business or living at Hummingbird Community the intentional community she co-founded her life purpose is to support a shift in the consciousness of all beings she encounters. With Newfield Network she has the privilege of speaking with individuals from all over the world and to learn what they care about and support their understanding of what is possible when they attend a course with Newfield Network. As a coach, I get to meet coachees where they are and hold the space to support bringing out their inner brilliance to shine. I work with clients from all walks of life and status for I have found the common denominator is underneath it all we are all the same.

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