Alexander Love

Alexander M. Love, M.Ac., PCC, is an internationally renowned facilitator, developmental coach, and acupuncturist. He is the creator of the Lumina Process, a coaching modality that parts work, eastern wisdom, and polarity work into a model of practice which evokes deep-seated transformation. Alexander is senior faculty at the Newfield Network and facilitates Newfield’s US coach training, their advanced training in Chile, and has created several on-demand courses. Alexander is a leading voice in defining the coaching field in this era. He emphasizes wholeness and is a leader in supporting humanity to access and live from our brilliant human potential.

Alexander Love is a truly fascinating and inspiring teacher and speaker. Like enjoying a lead violinist playing a difficult piece of music, he communicates his message with a natural lightness and enthusiasm despite how difficult or complex the subject matter might be. Learning becomes delightful and easy to digest and apply in daily life.”

John Nicol

Owner & Partner at Ceeyana, LLC

Alexander’s Keynote Topics

Keynote engagements can be customized and tailored to meet and address your audience. Alexander’s expertise and Keynote topics include:

  • Developmental Leadership for a World in Crisis
  • Shadowboxing: How We Get Stuck & the Road to Becoming Free
Example Keynote #1

Developmental Leadership for a World in Crisis

Topic: Leadership, Coaching, Developmental Literacy

Perfect for: Global Conferences, Coaching Events, Corporate Meetings

At no other time in history has the world been so complex. Today, divisiveness seems to haunt every sector of society, leaving leaders, coaches, and executives with an incredible amount of complexity to handle while trying to innovate and create positive change in the world. The key to navigating this era with resiliency, creativity, and effectiveness is to understand what sits beneath the warring factions. In this lively, engaging presentation, Alexander Love, an internationally renowned speaker can coach, will take the audience on a journey to discover how research-backed stages of development form the structures of how we make meaning and why this knowledge is essential for any leader, executive, or coach who wants to successfully interface with today’s world and make a powerful impact for the largest amount of people.

You will learn:

  • What is the root cause of the meta-crisis
  • Why leaders, coaches, and executive need developmental literacy if
  • they are going to keep up with the complexity of this era.
  • An introduction to research backed stages model that is highly
  • effective and practical in the modern world. 
  • Simple tools and practices to begin understanding how you and other make meaning.

Length 1-3 hours

Example Keynote #2

Shadowboxing: How We Get Stuck & the Road to Becoming Free

Topic: Innovation, Creativity, Change Navigation

Perfect for: Global Conferences , Coaching Events, Corporate Meetings

Being human means being in relationship. Be it with friends, colleagues, bosses, employees, or clients, the foundation of our experience occurs together. Every human being has patterns that live in the shadows. These patterns unconsciously inform our behavior and are the root cause of why teams fail; why relationships are filled with suffering, and the reason why businesses don’t succeed. Anything is possible with the human spirit, and yet, we fail all the time. Often the focus is on what we can easily see, and yet nine times out of ten, the causes are hidden and out of reach without the proper tools.

In this presentation, world renowned speaker and coach, Alexander Love, will introduce the concept of shadow and how it shows up in relationships. Participants will discover how shadow forms, what shadowboxing is, and effective tools to lead from curiosity, creativity, and compassion. Understanding shadow and what to do about it, is essential for any leader, coach, or executive who desires to understand the most current and advanced tools for personal development for effective leadership.

You will learn:

  • What is shadow and what this has to do with effective leadership
  • What is the multilplistic mind
  • What is shadowboxing and how it works.
  • Effective practices for noticing shadow in yourself
  • How to lead from inexhaustible creativity, capacity, and courage

Length 1-3 hours

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