Julio Olalla

Julio Olalla is one of the originators of Ontological Coaching, author of FROM KNOWLEDGE TO WISDOM: Essays on the Crisis in Contemporary Learning, and founder of Newfield Network, an international organization dedicated to supporting coaches, leaders, and organizations to navigate the complex challenges of our times.

Julio is a powerful keynote speaker, teacher, and executive coach, having worked with more than 70,000 people internationally for over 30 years. He is best known for his masterful skills in supporting others to tackle tough issues, personal and professional, with great heart, wisdom, and innovative thinking.

He has worked with companies such as NIKE, ING, Chiquita, AARP, and Epson, just to name a few. Julio generates a safe and empowering context of learning where leaders can face and address their greatest challenges. He is also an expert in the area of trust and speaks on this topic with organizations.

Julio Olalla is a true gift to humanity. The opportunities to hear him speak have gifted me with endless learning on my journey to living well and in connection with others and the planet. I thought I knew things, and then I met Julio. Humility and curiosity became my friends. He invited me in to see from a new view, to witness myself, and question the small window I perceived the world through.

Martina Payette

Career Coach

Julio’s Keynote Topics

Keynote engagements can be customized and tailored to meet and address your audience. Julio’s expertise and Keynote topics include:

  • Leading in a Time of Global Complexity
  • Emotions that Shape You as a Leader
Example Keynote #1

Leading in a Time of Global Complexity

Topic: Leadership, Global Complexity, Professional Development

Perfect for: Global Conferences, Coaching Events, Corporate Meetings

At this time in history, there is a great urgency for each one of us to step more boldly into a new leadership role and develop the competencies needed to better navigate the complexity of our times.

Leaders develop a unique way of observing their organization and its relationship to the world. Based on this view, leaders and the people within the organizations they lead will see only a limited set of possible actions and ways of doing things and may become blind to other ways of seeing and taking action. 

The innovation needed to deal with the complexity of our times requires a way of leading that both illuminates those blind spots and inaugurates a new emotional space to deal with them.

This leader is one who:

  • Integrates rather than separates
  • Is strategic & courageous
  • Prioritizes relationships
  • Sees the whole and not just the parts
  • Has developed greater personal awareness
  • Understands the interconnectedness of life

Join Julio Olalla, one of the originators of ontological coaching, an internationally-renowned speaker, educator, and master certified coach, for a provocative conversation on the new leadership skills required in the face of increasing today’s complexity.

Length: 1-3 hours

Example Keynote #2

Emotions that Shape You as a Leader

Topic: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence

Perfect for: Global Conferences, Coaching Events, Corporate Meetings

Emotions are not just about how we feel. Emotions predispose us to take certain kinds of action. They fundamentally alter our capacity for action. This understanding is crucial to leadership, both in terms of understanding how to work with your own emotions and how to work with the emotions of the people with whom you engage, collaborate, manage, and lead. 

Research shows us that throughout history and across cultures, there are fundamental emotions that consistently recur in all of us. These emotions shape us, impact our ability to lead others, and influence the results we ultimately achieve in our personal and professional lives. 

In this highly-engaging and thought-provoking keynote led by Julio Olalla, you will learn:

  • Why emotions matter in life and leadership
  • What core emotions shape you and recur in all of us
  • What are some basic emotional competencies

Length 1-3 hours

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