Veronica Love

Veronica Love is an instantly engaging and compelling speaker. She is known for her exquisite depth of presence and her cultivated capacity to bring lightness and play to relevant and cutting-edge topics, including embodied leadership, innovation and change, emotional agility and cultivation, and compassionate communication. Through her magnetic manner, she inspires her audiences to profoundly connect to the beauty of learning and to the depth of their own humanity. As a keynote, she will captivate your audience by reconnecting them to the power of experiential learning and the richness of exploring being alive.

Veronica is a woman with power, grace, and jester-like qualities. Her ability to invite you into the dance of communication and have you smiling, laughing, and learning creates an expansive and safe environment to develop as a fully engaged human and a leader.

Martina Payette

Career Coach

Veronica’s Keynote Topics

Keynote engagements can be customized and tailored to meet and address your audience. Veronica’s expertise and Keynote topics include:

  • Embodied Leadership: Vitalize Your Nonverbal

  • How to Human Better: Communication and Care

  • Relational Leadership: Emotional Agility

  • Navigating the Pain of Change: The Power of Perspective and Play

  • The Secret Recipe of Organizational Health

Example Keynote #1

Navigating the Pain of Change: The Power of Perspective and Play

Topic: Innovation, Creativity, Change Navigation

Perfect for: Global Conferences , Coaching Events, Corporate Meetings

What we do today most likely will not be sufficient for tomorrow. We can live this as a joyful invitation or as a painful curse? The choice is yours.

Keep up! Or Break Out! Change today is occurring at an exponential rate. As Shlomo Abas, a change expert stated, “Change has changed”. The velocity of change has radically intensified. How do we navigate this dizzying rate of shifting realities? As creatures of habit, this can be, among many other things, disorienting, bewildering, and frightening.

How do we move from simply trying to keep up to thriving in this fertile ground of unfolding? How do we experience the joy and thrill of breaking out of the box? And how do we contact and experience the delight of innovation, creativity and transformation?

In our time together we will explore:

  • The potential of perspective taking
  • The essential power of play
  • The value of connecting to our depth

Length 1-3 hours

Example Keynote #2

The Secret Recipe to Organizational Health

Topic: Reimagining The Workplace, Organizational Health, Cultivating Care, Conscious Relational Development

Perfect for: Global Conferences, Coaching Events, Corporate Meetings

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, 50.5 million people quit their jobs in 2022, surpassing the 2021 mass workforce exit of 47.8 million. Never before has there been such a large volume of people feeling disconnected and unfulfilled in their jobs.. Our current times are often referred to as the ‘Great Resignation’ and ‘Quiet Quitting,’ and while the titles seem to make perfect senses, we may discover that the terms are not only inadequate, but contrary to the underlying motives that are igniting this collective movement.

As a 2021 McKinsey study shows, people are far from feeling resigned—in fact, they are no longer willing to work in places that are primarily transactional. Relational factors matter.

Given the context in which we find ourselves, what can be done to reimagine the workplace? To recreate organizational possibilities that allow for humans to not only stay but thrive? What can be done to generate a new vision and reality of conscious organizational health?

In this keynote presentation, we will explore:

  • What is at the heart of The Great Resignation & Quiet Quitting—and why it might be great after all
  • What is organizational health? And how it may offer a solution to the massive employment exodus
  • The secret recipe to organizational health

Length 1-3 hours

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