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The world today offers us enormous challenges and incredible opportunities to have an impact. The world needs every one of us to contribute to a brighter future.

Newfield trains leaders and coaches who change the world. As a Newfield graduate, you’ve already experienced the difference you can make when sharing this new sense of possibility.

Now is the time to amplify change and share what you’ve personally experienced. Share the gift and joy of learning by inviting your friends, family, and community into a new field of learning.

Together, we will create a better world.

As a friend of Newfield Network, you are invited to partner with us in sharing our programs with your community. As our way of saying, “thanks,” you’ll earn Newfield Change credits, which can be used toward any ongoing learning you’d like to take in the future through Newfield Network USA.

Your referral link has been emailed to you. Please check your inbox to access your referral link in a new email from us.

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How It Works

5 Easy Steps:

  1. Check your inbox for an email with the subject line: Your Newfield Change Referral Benefit Info Inside. This email includes your personal referral link.
  2. Share your link with your friends, colleagues, family, and community.
  3. When someone uses your personal link to register and then begins the program, you earn credits.
  4. Enjoy using your credits toward Newfield’s ongoing learning!

You Earn:

*1 Newfield Change credit is equal to $1 USD that can be applied toward ongoing learning solely in Newfield Network USA.

  • 300 Newfield Change credits when someone participates in The Foundation Course, The Foundations of Ontological Learning, or Coaching for Personal & Professional Mastery

Your referral link has been emailed to you. Please check your inbox to access your referral link in a new email from us.

If you need us to re-send you the email, please send a request to

Newfield Change FAQ:

When is Newfield Change credit awarded?

Newfield Change credit is awarded 30 days after your referral participates in the first day of the following programs: The Foundation Course (TFC), Foundations of Ontological Learning (FOL), Coaching for Personal & Professional Mastery (CPPM).

Do my referrals have to use my personal link in order to get credit?

Yes, they do! When a person uses your personal link, the system connects them and their transaction to you. If they don’t use your link, we cannot connect them to you and give you the credits.

How long do I get credit for sending a visitor to

When you use your affiliate link and one of your referrals clicks on it, they become visitors for us. You will get credit if that visitor makes a purchase. If they don’t take any action but later come back to our site on their own, you’ll still get credit so long as the visitor has not cleared their cookies. 

If they have submitted their name and info but don’t make a purchase at that time, you will still get credit for any sales up to 500 days from that date.

What if more than one person refers to the same visitor?

If you send an email to a friend and your friend clicks to Newfield’s site and signs up, then the credit goes to you. However, if another graduate sends their link to the same friend and this time your friend makes a purchase, then the second graduate will earn the Newfield Change credit. In simple terms, the last link used to access registration is the link that earns the credit.

When do I have access to my Newfield Change credits?

You will receive your Newfield Change credit 30 days after your referral begins the program.

How can I use my Newfield Change credits?

You can apply your Newfield Change credit toward:

  • Re-immersion for The Foundation Course, FOL, CPPM
  • Live online courses and webinars 
  • Video courses 

To see what learning is currently available to our Newfield community, go to

If I referred someone who took the program in the past, can I get Newfield Change credit now?

Unfortunately, we can not give credit to referrals that occurred prior to the launch of Newfield Change.

Do my Newfield Change credits expire?

Your Newfield Change credits are active for 3 years, and then they expire.

How are people sharing their personal links?

All kinds of creative ways! Here are a few ideas:

  • Emails 
    • An email that introduces Newfield to friends, family & community and includes a personal link 
  • Website
    • Embed the personal link on the website
    • Write a blog post about your Newfield experience and include a personal link
  • Social media
    • Share a video testimonial and include your personal link in the comments
    • Write a LinkedIn article about your experience and learning from Newfield Network with the personal link
    • Create a poll to see who is interested in learning more 
    • Events – Invite your community to our quarterly grad panels, our introductory webinars
How do I track my Newfield Change credits?

If you’re curious about your credits, please email us at

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