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Newfield Assists You in:

Enhancing your capacity to take game-changing action in your life and in your organization: Our programs enhance your capacity to manage and lead yourself and others. They give you the ability to generate environments full of creativity, confidence, respect, and commitment. Additionally, they provide practices that improve your effectiveness in action and communication. They enhance your ability to listen to the opportunities that are available and to coordinate action more effectively and efficiently with your work teams.

Mastering the Art of Transformational Learning & Coaching: Our programs can give you new skills to coach and develop individuals and teams.

Re-encountering your ability and passion for learning: Our programs are designed to have you look at your overall abilities and your lack of abilities and competencies – with sincerity and honesty. They provide a space that allows you to open to new domains of action, to dare to unlearn those practices that limit your results and satisfaction, and to generate networks for help and collaboration.

Participation Options

Whether you’re pursuing a coaching career, enhancing your leadership and organizational development skills, or seeking to make breakthroughs in your personal life, the Newfield Network program allows for participation in segments or as a comprehensive curriculum.


6-Day Virtual | The Foundation Course

A virtual six-day immersion in ontological learning.

16-Week Virtual | Foundations of Ontological Learning

A sixteen-week intensive where you will embody, integrate, and apply the learning into your personal and professional life.

9-Month All Virtual | Coaching for Personal & Professional Mastery

The comprehensive nine-month program where you will learn to coach yourself and others with ontological tools and core coaching competencies.

Mastery Of Personal Development Coaching

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