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About Us

About Newfield Network

Newfield is an international education, coaching certification, and consulting organization committed to bringing new learning practices and awareness to organizations for the purpose of addressing the pressing demands we are facing that traditional interventions and consulting are insufficient to address alone. The Newfield Network coaching certification team is led by Julio Olalla, one of the pioneers and founders of the coaching profession. He is joined by an extraordinary group of certified executive coaches and consultants who have been facilitating personal and organizational transformation for over 26 years. Our coaching certification team is continuously learning and participating in research in the fields of linguistics, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and the mind-body connection. Julio and his coaching certification team have worked directly with more than 60,000 people in nine different countries over the last decade.

Newfield's Coaching Philosophy

To take new action requires that we break from the habits and conservative forces that have served us to reach our current level of performance, but now limit our ability to move forward or innovate. Newfield Network believes that the results you seek to produce are greatly influenced by the way you speak, the way you listen and by your emotions, your moods, and your physiology and presence. Our coaching certification methodology offers participants a way to become new observers of themselves, of others, and of the various systems in which they, and others, play a role. In doing this, coaching certification participants break the old habits and ways of doing things that aren’t producing the desired outcomes. To do this requires commitment and practice, over time, as necessary for creating lasting change and for transforming our habitual ways of acting. Through powerful conversations, Newfield coaching certification helps an individual or team create new practices, and sustain them in the face of daily pressures and demands.


Julio Olalla, Founder Newfield Network

Our mission is to generate and nurture learning spaces designed to allow the emergence of a new conception and experience of knowing where we learn to live a good life as we contribute to build a socially just, environmentally sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling world.

We cannot live in perpetual adolescence—guided only by market values—without considering major concerns and without a sense of purpose or moral responsibility.

It is not enough to develop new technologies, new legislation, or new policies. We must develop a new understanding of the meaning of our existence on Earth.

It seems that the present crises, from climate change to financial collapse, are exactly the evolutionary forces that will push us to abandon our consumerist addiction, the incredible disparity in the distribution of human wealth, and the simplistic illusion that everything has a technological answer. The plethora of global concerns becomes an impetus for humanity to reflect and take action.

We need to generate a meta-narrative, a cosmology, which gives meaning and purpose to our lives and re-enchants us with the Universe such that we may choose to be part of it once again, ending this sense of separation and isolation in which mankind has lived throughout modernity.

We need sacred spaces in which we review our assumptions and stop calling them truths. Let’s return and listen respectfully to our spiritual promptings. Let’s listen with deep empathy and go back to practicing the art of holistic learning, which fits all dimensions of the human experience and the anima mundi.

We need to end the conspiracy of silence, the practice of hiding all experience that we cannot explain, in order to rediscover the beauty of mystery and the power of questions.