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“Ontological exercise is a shift from doing or getting it done to mastering.” – Sanjay Thakkar

Over three decades, the Newfield Network has educated over 65,000 masterful coaches, leaders, and individuals to be powerful agents of change.

A Safe and Rich Opportunity

“The work of Julio and the Newfield Network is unlike any I’ve experienced. The learning context they create provides a safe and rich opportunity for participants to step into a much larger story and bolder actions than they would on their own.” – Neil Sicherman, Associate Dean of Executive Programs, Villanova University

Grounded in Ontology

Newfield’s approach is grounded in the study of ontology, the branch of philosophy dealing with being in general and its properties. We believe that we are continuously becoming and that observing this perpetual unfoldment is the beginning of mindful ontological development.

With cultivating your awareness, meaningful and sustained change becomes available in all aspect of how you show up and interact with the world: your cultural and individual narratives, rooted emotions, somatic tendencies and beliefs about yourselves and others.

 With an ontology centered approach, becoming an astute and compassionate observer of yourself and others has a powerful effect: it puts you at choice. Instead of re-actively going down the same paths which don’t work, your eyes will be opened to wide new possibilities in your leadership, coaching and personal life.

More than that, an ontological approach helps you suspend judgment and assessments, and instead hold the way you and others are with acceptance, dignity and curiosity. Ontology is a powerful new way to relate to others, and the core reason why our graduates see breakthroughs in their coaching and leading, but also in their personal relationships.

Integrated Learning: Language, Body & Emotion


Newfield’s ontological approach to learning honors the full humanity of each person: language, body (somatics) and emotion. We explore all these territories as windows into who you are, and avenues you can shift to achieve your goals. In our programs, you will witness how effective change comes when you integrate shifts across all these domains.

As leaders and coaches, we instinctively understand the opportunities and challenges of working with diversity. We meet people with a wide range of cultural backgrounds, personalities, and ways of relating. With linguistic, somatic and emotional distinctions in your toolbox, you have incredible range and flexibility to bring out the best in those you work with.

Our grads often tell us that they remember their learnings from Newfield years out from their graduation. We believe it’s because they experience ontology; learning that deliberately and consistently integrates mind, body and emotion – often for the first time in their lives.

Transformation That Lasts a Lifetime

At Newfield, you will learn impactful new skills and see vast new possibilities for action in ontology, boosting your professional and personal effectiveness in exponential ways.

But you will come away with much more than that: a window into the place from which you lead and coach, and a deeper sense of your purpose in the arc of humanity as you lead and coach.

Many people worry about what happens after a transformational program. That’s why at Newfield, we put incredible care into sustaining and cultivating a learning community for life. From our cohort-based curriculum design to monthly alumni Learning in Action calls and alumni-only continuing education courses, these are just examples of ways that Newfield Alumni continue to deepen and learn.

It is impossible to go through Newfield’s programs without being personally transformed, for life.

Let's Talk

Committing to a program can be a big decision, and we’re here to help. Linda Fischer, our Director for Community Relations and a Newfield Grad, can answer your questions, connect you to Newfield alumni who share your background, and give you the information and support you need.

Linda Fischer

Client and Community Relations

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Newfield’s ontologically-driven programs explore holistic and effective ways to assist people in discovering new possibilities personally and professionally. In our courses, care and rigor are given to linguistics, emotions, somatics, and culture.

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