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  • How to become a resourceful, impactful coach through ontological training

  • Three key realms in which Ontological Coaches cultivate profound capacities for making a difference

  • How to access your multiple intelligences and experience deeper engagement with life

  • How to sharpen your observational capacity as a coach

  • The way to achieve the presence, awareness, and communication that effective coaches possess

Newfield can help you coach and lead from a different place.

Founder Julio Olalla
CEO Veronica Olalla Love

Newfield Network was founded to provide transformational training to coaches, leaders, and organizations—empowering them to authentically lead and design a new world. 

 For over 30 years, we have been dedicated to creating a global community of new learning that enables people to live and work from their wholeness, humanity, and passion. When you create from this place, opportunities for leadership, coaching, and businesses grow exponentially and you are in service to a greater purpose in life.

Newfield can help you coach and lead from a different place.

World-Class Coach Training

Powerful coaching is far more than following a set of markers or procedures. It’s about learning to make potent observations so you can assist your clients in moving beyond superficial or incremental changes to achieve transformational change.

 Newfield Network’s Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery program equips you to become a dynamic, resourceful, and creative coach.

How we are unique:


  • In 30+ years of experience, we have trained over 70,000 masterful coaches, leaders, and individuals from 60 countries.
  • We were the first coach training program to be accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • Our founder, Julio Olalla, is considered one of the originators of the field of coaching.
  • Newfield’s approach is grounded in the study of Ontology, the branch of philosophy that addresses the nature of being.
  • We consider firsthand experience to be essential in enabling you to work with your clients to generate deep change and impactful results. You will start by applying frameworks, models, and practices that enable personal change within yourself first.
  • Our course goes beyond teaching coaching as a series of steps, to focusing on way of being and the outcomes that generates for both you and your client.

If you are truly committed to bringing about transformational change in yourself and others and being part of a very powerful and supportive learning community, Newfield’s ontological coaching program is exactly what you are looking for. This well-thought-out and brilliantly implemented program is the crème de la crème of coaching education.

– Athena Miller, president, Human Dimensions

Grounded in Ontology

Newfield’s approach is grounded in the study of ontology, the branch of philosophy that addresses the nature of being. We believe that we are continuously becoming and that observing this perpetual unfolding is the beginning of mindful ontological development.

With cultivating your awareness, meaningful and sustained change becomes available in all aspects of how you show up and interact with the world: your cultural and individual narratives, rooted emotions, somatic tendencies, and beliefs about yourself and others.

With an ontological-centered approach, becoming an astute and compassionate observer of yourself and others has a powerful effect. It puts you at choice. Your perspective will be widened to new possibilities in your leadership, coaching, and personal life, rather than defaulting to old patterns and simply reacting.

More than that, an ontological approach helps you hold others with more acceptance, more dignity, and more curiosity. It empowers you to find new ways of relating and connecting with others. This is a core reason why our graduates see breakthroughs in their coaching, leading, and personal relationships.

What Our Graduates Are Saying:

Lee C.

I’ve been through many schools over the last ten years and I found that Newfield Network is one that has a wonderful experiential activity program that will help people to understand the importance of their being. I couldn’t find any other school that compared to my life experiences, so this is the one for me.

Lesley K.

This experience has been completely transformative. I am not the same person today as I was when I arrived. The experience with my peers of the group, the leaders, the staff, have been powerful in certain ways beyond words.

Vinay K.

Newfield isn’t just about superficial change, it’s about deep transformation. It’s changing from the inside out, which is the only one that lasts and it sticks. It is something I have not experienced in any other program.

When more of the same is not an option, a new field of learning is required.™

Deepen Your Development

Emerge from our courses with new skills and ways of looking at the world that empower you to create the future you desire.

Strengthen Your Leadership

Leaders who attend Newfield Leadership Development Programs generate superior results at work.

Become a Certified Coach

Our coach training program is routinely ranked in the top three life coach certification training programs worldwide.

Meet Your Facilitators

Founder Julio Olalla

Veronica Love, M.Ac., PCC, is the Global CEO of The Newfield Network and an international facilitator who trains leaders and coaches who change the world.

Veronica has led Newfield’s signature coach training and leadership programs internationally in eight countries and in two languages. She has trained everyone from individuals, to coaches, to entrepreneurs, to leaders in top organizations, such as NASA, Google, Fortune 50 Consulting Firms, Nike, IBM, The World Bank, and more. 

Founder Julio Olalla

Alexander M. Love, M.Ac., PCC, is a coach, international facilitator, and acupuncturist. He synthesizes coaching, parts work, eastern wisdom, and polarity work into a model of practice which evokes deep-seated transformation.

Alexander is senior faculty at the Newfield Network and facilitates Newfield’s US coach training, their advanced training in Chile, and has created several on-demand courses. Alexander is a leading voice in defining the coaching field in this era. He emphasizes wholeness and is a leader in supporting humanity to access and live from our brilliant human potential.

Founder Julio Olalla

Julio Olalla, MCC, is the founder and president of Newfield Network and is regarded as a pioneer of the coaching profession and transformational learning fields.

Over the past 30 years, Julio has trained thousands of individuals, organizations, and governments to challenge traditional ways of thinking and being. His work has helped leaders to navigate the turbulence facing our global community. Julio is a sought-after keynote and motivational speaker, addressing audiences on leadership, organizational learning, education, emotion, and executive coaching.

Julio leads the opening modules and provides bonus material to Newfield’s programs.

Learn about Ontological Coaching

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