Curious to know what’s it like to be a professional coach? Or what happens in a Newfield Course? Get an insider’s perspective from three of our graduates who are now successful coaches.

If you’d like to hear all of their answers (to these questions and more!) you can find a recording of the Q&A panel here

First, let’s introduce each of our panelists!

Jennifer Einolf, Clarity Coach, 2016 Graduate

“I was an interior designer in my most recent professional reincarnation. I knew that coaching was in my future and that it probably was my calling. My time with Newfield turned out to be both personally and professionally transformational.”

Vinay Kumar, Internal Coach at TEOCO Corp., 2009 Graduate

“I’m a leadership and executive coach. I do both internal work in an organization and have external clients. I’m committed to ontology because I cannot think of a single aspect of our lives where this work is not applicable: from personal development to leadership, to making a better world.”

Adam Mutschler, Executive Coach, 2016 Graduate

“What brought me to Newfield was my unrelenting passion for working with people. I worked at Apple training and mentoring, and then I worked at a startup. I was looking for a layer of skills and experiences that would really enhance my work. One of the biggest moments for me in the course was witnessing the depth of human capacity and experience and feeling it at such a visceral level. I think that has enriched so much of my work and my relationships since going through Newfield.”

Questions & Answers about The Newfield Network

Q: How has the program shaped your coaching and professional work since youve completed it?

“When I got to Newfield, I had gotten to a point of insufficiency. I wasn’t able to make promises to myself or anybody else because I was convinced I would disappoint and that is paralyzing. The Newfield environment wasn’t like any other learning environment I had been in — I was able to let go of what I set out to learn, and instead, learn all there was to learn. This unleashed creativity and curiosity in an unexpected way!

Newfield was challenging for me because I excel in the traditional learning environment. Although we had a syllabus and guidelines, there was a lot of room for “go figure it out” or “what do you think?” as well as for collaborative learning with other people in our cohort. This type of learning unblocked my insufficiency. For the first time in my life, I really understood why I am enough.

Newfield spends the first part of the course having you experience the methodology so that you know it down to your DNA. In the second part, they talk about now how to use this to coach. It’s a very intuitive way of being able to explain things that there just aren’t words to explain. The professional development is built on the foundation of personal development — I realized they are locked together, you can’t do one without the other. In that way, it was personally and professionally transformational for me.” – Jennifer

Q: How would this program be of benefit to someone who is already a PCC?

I am an ICF PCC coach and had been coaching for a long time before I went to Newfield. I found this body of work so deep and so transformative. It applies everywhere and in every conversation! It has helped me become much more effective in terms of coaching my clients as well as in terms of my own personal growth. I can’t imagine coaching without it.” – Vinay

Q: How did you manage the course within your life while working?

“Life is about choices and priorities; it’s about what’s important and what matters to you. There is work involved if you take the course, but the questions to ask are: how badly do you want it? And for the sake of what do you want it? If your ‘yes’ is big enough, you will create space for it by being able to say ‘no’ to something else.” – Vinay

“A big part of distance learning is that you have a lot of control over when it happens. In the Newfield program, you are in small groups and working with your group mates to find schedules that work for you, so there’s a lot of flexibility.

I got the sense that I was taking in a little bit at a time. I was observing what was happening in my regular life and then bringing the curiosity of how the things I was learning applied in that situation. I found that it wove itself into the rest of my life.” – Jennifer

Q: In hindsight, with post-Newfield coaching under your belt, is there anything you wished had been part of the program that wasnt?

“A bigger support network when people leave the program. This is an area that is still in development. As a member of the alumni committee, it’s something I’m actively supporting because I’m very excited about it. I want others who come through the program to have that roadmap.” – Adam

“More time with these people… more more more! It was really that amazing. I wish it was going on all the time for the rest of my life! The thing you’re going to need to supply for yourself depends on what you want to do with this training. For example, If you want to start a business, you will need business training. Everybody in my class did something different with their training, so they needed different tools.” – Jennifer

Q: Do you have any advice for people entering the program in terms of how to take the most advantage of it?

“Be prepared to encounter crunchy and uncomfortable parts of yourself, to be vulnerable, to do work that you don’t really understand is work yet, and to do work in different ways… being prepared for what I can’t prepare you for.” – Jennifer

Q: What is the biggest impact this has had on your personal life in addition to the new employment opportunities?

“For many years I was trying to change things on the outside: more money, a bigger car, better-looking kids (just kidding!). But I got to a point in my life where even though I was successful by all material standards, I didn’t feel successful. I realized that maybe the issue wasn’t “out there” and maybe it’s the guy in the mirror that needs to change. Since I’ve started ontological work, I’ve done my inner work at a deeper level and now I feel so much more at peace. I’m making better decisions and forging better relationships. I feel more successful… and for me that’s precious.” – Vinay


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