Under the big blue sky of Colorado, I have plopped myself down on a bench, pen and paper in hand, to begin sketching the passersby. Yet, I find myself less sketching and more witnessing with fascination the unfolding scene before me. We’re at Pearl Street Mall in Boulder and my 9-year old daughter, Sophia, has set up her lever harp with a sign that says, “The Cute Factory Presents: Sophia Love.”

She plays her music; each note exquisitely filled with love and delight. People of all ages and backgrounds pass by encountering the soft melodies of the harp, an unexpected soothing sound in an otherwise perhaps ordinary day.  The music reaches them first, and many begin to search for the origin of the sound. As their eyes encounter Sophia, their curious expressions break to sheer awe and wonderment. The contrast between the elegance and sophistication of the music and the innocence and youth of the child becomes an irresistible pull. Spellbound, people pause, they stop, they break the rhythm of their day and linger. Their senses enliven to the moment of being alive and enthralled by the magic of music.

The reciprocity that unfolds between the performer and audience, between giver and receiver, is a lesson I now cherish in my heart. A 3-year old boy, who can no longer resist, comes over to touch the vibrating strings of the harp. A man comes over to me to share the story of his daughter. He shares how she too loves music and now plays world-wide. Next, an elderly woman approaches me and shares the dream she always had of learning music. Now at age 72, she’s taking lessons to learn. Finally, a mother approaches me and asks about harp lessons for her daughter.

As all these life moments are shared, I begin to recognize how much humanity wants to keep dreaming. And I recognize how Sophia’s courage to have a dream, to declare her vision, to take a stand and share it with the world invites others to awaken and explore their own dreams.

Sophia’s boldness to revel in her un-daunting joy and share it with the world is a gift I receive this day and every day. It is a passion that ignites my own courage to awaken and continue to dream.

In today’s task-filled world, being in contact with our deepest joy is often overlooked, is often brushed aside as frivolous, insignificant, or simply not a part of the “real world.”


  • What would be different in your life if you truly connected with your capacity to dream, to wonder, to envision?
  • What would aligning your life with your deepest dream look like?
  • What would happen if you shared your dream with others?

Under the big blue sky, there is magic in boldly sharing our gifts, our beauty, and our dreams. It catapults us all – the giver and receiver.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. – Walt Disney

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About the Author: 

Veronica Olalla Love, M. Ac., NCC, PCC is the Global CEO for the Newfield Network. She is also an international facilitator for the Newfield Network Programs and is the lineage holder for the Newfield Network’s ontological coaching tradition. In her unique and passionate style, Love invites us to remember the depth of potential we have as evolutionary beings.

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