At Newfield, we often point to the necessity of going beyond seeing someone as an isolated individual. We recognize that is it necessary to see people as situated in a larger context. How has this person been shaped, influenced and impacted by their culture and their history?

Once we see that we are historical and cultural beings, we can evaluate what aspects of that culture and history serve us and are worth keeping, cultivating, and passing on. We can also see what aspects are worth letting go of or transforming. We do this for our own developmental sake and also for the sake of others, our communities, and our future generations.

A major component of our culture is organizations. What cultures are we creating in our organizations? The statistics consistently show high levels of dissatisfaction in the workplace as well as lack of engagement or commitment to organizations. What if the workplace could become a culture of support, of learning, and of human development? What if working was an opportunity? Imagine going to work and being appreciative about it.

In An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization, authors Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey reveal how each employee’s unfoldment is interlocked with the organization’s development. They explore a primary question: how do we create organizational cultures that assist us in supporting our entire organizational team in growing as the foundation to organizational development? What if we see “culture as a strategy”?

The book guides us through 3 different companies to show each one of their unique approaches to the principal of an organizational culture of development.

If you have any interest in human development, leadership, organizational culture, or creating social change, I highly recommend this book.


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About the Author: 

Veronica Olalla Love, M. Ac., NCC, PCC is the Global CEO for the Newfield Network. She is also an international facilitator for the Newfield Network Programs and is the lineage holder for the Newfield Network’s ontological coaching tradition. In her unique and passionate style, Love invites us to remember the depth of potential we have as evolutionary beings.

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