Alumni who have come back to Newfield Network to experience it all over again have found the experience a true gift. It’s a chance to continue your growth and evolution as a coach and leader. 

When you first went through Newfield Network’s certified coaching program, you were probably in a different place in your life than you are today. And that may have been years ago! But life changes, as do people and circumstances. What you learned the first time around will likely not be what you learn the second time around. We believe the distinctions always meet you where you’re at, bringing you fresh new facets and nuances to your learning, coaching, and life.

Hear from Walter Crawford, one of our graduates, about his experience in the Re-Immersion Program.  

Listen to this 3-minute audio clip. 

Walter J. Crawford, ACC, is an executive and leadership coach in the Washington, DC metro area. He is also a Newfield graduate and on Newfield’s Advisory Board. As a former c-level executive, Walter brings over 20 years of human resources and operations leadership in both the public and private sectors. As a coach, Walter partners with leaders to inspire a journey of learning and development using an open minded and goal-oriented approach.

If you’re a Newfield graduate and you’re interested in joining the Re-Immersion Program, click here to learn more.

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