“Coaching invites us to be ambitious, in the sense of breaking beyond what we see as possible.”


I believe coaching is an exquisitely beautiful leaning into life that happens when we are truly present and awake to the fullness and richness that exists in each and every moment in time.

The act of coaching is the art of conversation and dialogue. Conversation means exchange. As we mutually give and receive, we change together. This is why when we are engaging in coaching conversations, we are engaging in the art of transformation.

In order for our coaching conversations to be truly potent and rich, we must find out what is required to unlock the potential of conversation. An artist can only create a masterpiece if she has practiced and prepared herself. Similarly, powerful coaching conversations happen because the coach has been steeped in cultivation practices. So then, coaching and personal development, in their broadest sense are cultivation practices.

Coaching as Cultivation Practices

One of the first practices we must cultivate as a coach is our capacity to find center, to find that still point within us. We must find our physical center and our emotional center, and then we can contact silence. This centering at all levels enables us to heighten our senses and our awareness so that we can respond to life itself.

Another cultivation practice required in coaching is to move away from our small notion of self and step into a much bigger and broader experience of who we are, one that taps into the entirety of the cosmos. I don’t say that to be grandiose—I think each of us is very capable of having the sense that we are so much more.

When we are truly aligned and connected, we can break free of our notions of a small self. We allow all of the universal forces at play to move through us and navigate the conversation. We let go of our own control, let go of our agenda, and let go of our desire for a specific outcome. Instead, we allow ourselves to be centered and connected with an open heart, an open mind, and an open will, to see what wants to arise for the sake of this human before us, who is our coachee, or for the sake of the collective when there are many coachees. We come to know that the coachee is a portal into humanity itself. We trust that this very conversation is embedded in a much larger conversation.

Being Large

When we have the courage and the boldness to allow ourselves to fiercely commit to what wants to emerge and when we truly anchor our hearts in the desire to serve, we find the conversation, the exploration, and the coaching practice. It unfolds in ways that are so gorgeous and so meaningful. It reveals to us the inherent link between beauty and potency.

When a powerful conversation emerges from our center, we can see the exquisiteness of the human being in front of us and the exquisiteness of life itself, and we can anchor ourselves in that charge or that impulse to grow, to transmute, to evolve, and to heal. Especially in our time, coaching is about a truly profound healing that is necessary so that each one of us can step into being as large and as big as we can be. This big and large of the spirit comes from a humble place, and so allows the goodness of humanity to step forward.

Coaching invites us to be ambitious, not in the sense of pure attainment of a specific goal, but rather, ambitious in the sense of breaking beyond what we see as possible. Daring to truly dream and encouraging us to take a stand for a greater way of inhabiting the earth, where we can experience new ways to collaborate and deeper levels of care, kindness, compassion, and goodness.

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About the Author: 

Veronica Olalla Love, M. Ac., NCC, PCC is the Global CEO for the Newfield Network. She is also an international facilitator for the Newfield Network Programs and is the lineage holder for the Newfield Network’s ontological coaching tradition. In her unique and passionate style, Love invites us to remember the depth of potential we have as evolutionary beings.

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